Which generative principle does the system utilize? Is it just randomization or is the system based on dynamic processes or evolutionary algorithms? What control mechanisms are used? Which program modules are implemented in the system?

The principle of an algorithmic generative system can be seen in terms of a non-trivial machine. Contrary to a model of linear causality in a system with interconnected elements the question of what is cause and what is effect cannot be distinguished objectively. In system theory there are three development stages of circular causality: first order cybernetics, dissipative structures, and autopoietic systems.  Generative design makes extensive use of the special material properties of digital media – numerical representation, modularity, automation, variability and transcoding. The creation process is thereby decomposed into multiple (modular) operations and controlled by sequences, loops and case distinctions.

Separate the generative process in several modular steps with sequences and if-constructs and outline their mutual interaction.

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