Introducing a Conceptual Framework for Generative Design Processes
Florian J. Gruber, 2011

This pages outline a conceptual framework for generative design processes based on a review of computer theory, art and design methods and the author’s experiences as media artist in collaborative, interdisciplinary design teams.

All identified aspects and patterns refer to computer-based generative design processes. The Generatve Design Method (GDM) cards are an introduction to a conceptual toolkit for generative design to assist a common understanding and holistic project development. The cards prime intent is to inspire the design process, act as decision solver and lead to new approaches and agile development processes.

It is my belief that a semantic naming of aspects, a structured representation and practically usable objects can benefit and enrich a design process for all participants. I welcome all artists, engineers and designers in generative projects to use, peer-review and comment to the proposed framework.


Gruber, F.J. (2011). Introducing a Conceptual Framework for Generative Design Processes, in: Proceedings of the 14th Generative Art Conference (GA2011). Milan: Generative Design Lab.

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