What is the model of communication between the workpiece and the outside world? Is there a way to interact? Is the generative process linked to a network, is it possible to refer to it from outside or is it only self-referential? Is the computer used a an automat, tool or medium?

Is the role of the communication process to interact with a video story, whose sequences are determined by the viewers, or is it a closed data system which can be explored gradually? Is the work characterized by a communication between body and computer system, or has the program its own dynamics that evolve through interaction? Is a dialogue established or a collective network? Used as an automat the machine runs without any influence from outside. As tool, the computer is under direct control of the user, who produces and manipulates digital artifacts in realtime. As medium the computer uses networked communication strategies and takes advantage of the multimedia capabilities of digital computers.

Describe the communication model of the workpiece and specify its technical requirements.

GDM card - communication