Which phases of interaction the user and the generative process run through? Is there a feedback loop? By which interface the interaction is done? Is the interaction sequence designed for multiple users? What is the average time of interaction?

During the first interaction phase (response), object and person are in a situation similar to a normal conversation. The person interacts, tries to understand, and waits for a feedback. Next is a conscious exploration and control of the work. Does the work stir up a situation of contemplation, in which the user mentally deals with the work and associations arise? Or is even a feeling of belonging awakened, at which the users and the work interact in perfect harmony? Is the interaction characterized as a particularly plastic and malleable process (pliability), and does it connect to common social norms and practices (fluency)? Can it be characterized by a particular rhythmic sequence of human computer interaction and are sounds tightly coupled to visual outputs?

Outline the process of interaction and try to anticipate possible user behaviors. Try to describe the different phases of interaction and uncover the special quality of the interface.

GDM card - interaction