How much freedom of interpretation offers the work? Is the result more like a process or more like a traditional work of art? How can the work be described? Is it created or caused, designed or generated, closed or open, finite or infinite, reproducible or irreproducible, goal-oriented or path-oriented?


A work of art with limited openness provides the recipient with various interpretations, however, there is only one meaning. The interpretation of works with a free openness is restricted only by the structures of the work itself. Works in movement have no final figure and are characterized by constant change. A work of art in the empathic sense is untouchable and may be interpreted differently, but never altered or even questioned. On the contrary a process cannot be objectified, it seems every time different, every time new. Both poles – the pure work and the pure process – are idealized and do not exist as such. More likely in artistic practice is a convergence, a hybrid of processual and structural elements to achieve a compelling work of art.

Characterize the design process. Find questions related to the artwork and try to answer them accordingly.

GDM card - openness