Wir haben alle ein Motiv

A project of “Public Art in Lower Austria”
Text/Curatorial: Hubert Lobnig
Weinkellerdorf Unterstinkenbrunn/Lower Austria
Sept 2008

Nine artists from Linz (students of experimental visual design at the Kunstuniversität Linz) and four artists from Vienna developed site-specific works for the Unterstinkenbrunn cellars. The artists and groups of artists used both the vaulted cellaring as well the antechambers and other rooms (originally used for wine production but now used recreationally) as well as the conurbation itself as their point of departure in developing and locating multimeda installative works. The title “We All Have a Motive/Motif” plays on the (German) ambiguity of motive/motif, addressing the artists´motif but also people´s motivation in participating in or visiting the event, the economic motives behind the change from wine-growing to onion-growing, as well as possible criminal motives in everyday and economic contexts that also occur in rural areas.