Impro 2010

Improvisation days at Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg
Organized by Florian J. Gruber, Markus Sigl
Ulrichsberg, 04/02/2010 – 04/04/2010

“Everything allowed” is once again the slogan of the atelier abstrait event at the Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg. Everything, what the participants produce with synthesizer, sampling, e-guitars, diascope or brushes will be presented on sunday at the gallery opening and concert evening. During the three-days workshop the attendees create a audio-visual composition, which combine intentionally designed structures with free improvisation. The outcome is a mixture of electronic music, fine arts and performance, which is not bothered by a specific genre, but focus on artistic expansion and creative openness in the collective work. We are, to speak with Paul Lovens, in a state of double happiness, we have a aim, but no goal.

Fr, 4/2, from 4 pm – setup, soundcheck and workshop
Sa, 4/3, from 12 am – workshop, from 8 pm – open gallery and open concert hall (for interested visitors)
So, 4/4, 6 pm – gallery opening, 8:30 pm – concerts

Alexander Eichbauer, drums; Florian Gruber, electronic, drum machine; Leon daSorci, e-guitar, electronic, saxophon; Nikolaus Hartmann, electronic, live signal processing; Oliver Hacker, live painting; Thomas Frattner, keyboards; Thomas Varga, guitar, voice; Sebastian Holnsteiner, live painting; Markus Sigl, diascope installation; Viktoria Wöss, photography, sound swing; Michael Johannes Muik, radio installation; Harald Hable, dj; Bernhard Fischer, dj; Manuel Bauer, audio records.