Florian Gruber, Thomas Lorenz
January 2010

Cut/Out is a participatory visual media installation. Based on the working method of cut-up from literature, the visitors are taking part of in a real-time photomontage, which cuts, mixes and randomly arranges the shots – just to dissolve them again in an extensive graphical process. The piece concentrates upon a playful interaction between pose, form and color of the model and the worn designer clothes. Cut/Out can be seen as a special kind of fashion photography, which develops – through the extraction of its models from a single position, its movement and transformation – an unique pictorial language.

Cut/Out is a comissioned work for den StyleAut Fashion Store in the Museumsquartier in Vienna who features young Austrian fashion designers. The work was shown as part of an opening event and throughout the following weeks. It allowed visitors and customers of the shop to dress themselves up with the clothes of the store having a photgraphy being taken that became part of the installation.