Aural Seeds

At the beginning of this work is the unanswered dominance of noises and sounds in the city, which can be rarely influenced or designed by the city dwellers themselves. The rules of sound or noise sources follow an avoidance principle, which is regulated in statutory regulations and laws, and has been identified as not a sufficient tool for planners and urban developers. The architect is well educated about the visual and spatial effect of his work, but his knowledge on the sonic dimension is very rare. The large interdisciplinary field of research and aural architecture offers constructive answers to many places of sound imbalances in the city. The soundscape of the city is made up of a diverse typology and nature of participation, as well as reception. This was analyzed and discussed on the example of the Danube Canal. The aim was to intervene with a focused sound sculpture on an acoustic urban weak spot and to enrich the subjective experience and well-being. This work aims to contribute the awareness of the users and especially the planner to expand on the confrontation with the city soundscape. artistic sound design strategies in urban areas are discussed with examples within this work. Sounds may be noticed again strengthened – our city is not a place before we have to close ourselves. As we practice, for example, with our sound-proof windows, or popular headphone culture. By cultivating the diversity of urban soundscapes, increases the urban quality of life, and sustainable influences the urban development positively. The sound intervention Your Aiolos would suggest for participatory soundscape design and set an impulse for the aural development in urban development and architecture.

How To Build Your Aiolos

Detailed informations, how to build your aiolos, are included in the pdf-paper at the download section.

Your Aiolos first Testing

Your Aiolos at Donaukanal

Soundmap Donaukanal


Nikolaus Hartmann, 2012